A powerful reminder of how journalism often requires immense amounts of physical and psychological bravery
— New York Magazine
A solidly constructed, well‐shot docu about the lethal perils of truth‐telling south of the border.
— Ronnie Scheib, Variety
Astounding....Reportero held audiences spellbound as it explored the importance in continuing the fight to report the truth, no matter the cost....A smart and cohesive wakeup call for the world of the importance of freedom of speech in the news-­ gathering business.”
— Lori Huck, Yahoo News
“[A] potent documentary....[Sergio] Haro and his colleagues, despite great risk, pursue their stories with extraordinary commitment, making one squirm in wonder: ‘In the same circumstances, what would I do? Could I be a tenth this brave?’ This important film...on PBS’ ‘POV’...shouldn’t be missed.