Rolling Stone: How Documentarian Bernardo Ruiz Went From Drug Wars to Wine Country

“Crisp, colorful and gorgeous.” -Minneapolis Star Tribune 

“A full-bodied film with a refreshing balance of amity and anxiety....’Harvest Season’ injects some sanity into a vinegary immigration debate.” Wall Street Journal

Rising above all the other similar films on wine, Harvest Season shines by focusing on all the people involved in making the wine and not just the people at the top.” Unseen Films

“A beautifully filmed documentary that is part wine story and part immigrant/migrant story…a loving portrait of the ups and downs of life in the vineyard and those who put their backs as well as their heart and soul into it.” -Winston Salem Journal

“Ruiz’s commitment to valuing the interpersonal moments makes the handsomely-shot Harvest Season worth watching, as a document of timely 2019 issues (immigration, labor rights, climate change) that puts people and communities — not statistics or soundbites — first.” -Remezcla

“Ruiz’s film making transforms the Napa and Sonoma Valleys into a stage for much larger stories about migration, politics and the American Dream.”NBC Latino 

“Told expertly and with some startlingly gorgeous photography, director Bernardo Ruiz gives a first hand account of small wine producers and the struggles they face both economically and politically in 2018 America…a film that’s as beautiful as it is intimate and emotionally moving.”—Criterion Cast


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